Choose your stool amongst a selection of top brands restored

Riding is a passion, so choosing quality equestrian equipment for your horse is essential. This choice equitack online upholstery does it for you and offers a wide range of products for your horse: fine used saddles, carpets, work protections, halters, bridles, stools ...

Equitation saddle

The type of riding and discipline you practice, and your riding level should guide you. If you are new to a tight budget, choose a comfortable mixed saddle, a versatile saddle that will allow you to tackle dressage, obstacle, and recreational riding, equestrian trekking and more. Proportionately, synthetic saddles have a remarkable value for money. If you plan to participate in show jumping contests, choose a flatter hurdle, with more marked neighborhood progress. If you are planning to do more training or flat work, why not head to a real saddle?

The price of a saddle depends on its brand, materials and style. And there is a wide variety of brand, model and type of stool. For small budgets, it is possible to move towards synthetic saddles. For the average budget, it is possible to choose saddles large distributor leather or synthetic. The bigger the budget, the more you can afford to rely on tailor-made and in major brands.

Used saddle

The used saddle can afford a good saddle, even a good saddle, at a lower cost. The price will depend on the age of the saddle, the mark and its general condition. It is now very easy to find a used saddle: on the internet (ad sites, Facebook groups etc ...), through word of mouth or by a professional who offers resale used saddles. You can find the most popular brands of saddles such as Antares, Hermes, CWD, Devoucoux, Delgrange, Butet and many more.

So, when you finally start looking for the saddle of your dreams, be careful and do not forget to try each saddle to be certain that it suits you.